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HP Printer Not Working,What To Do?

How to fix the not working issue of your HP Printer


If you have an HP Printer then you must be here because it would have stopped working unexpectedly. So, if you want to fix this problem, then the experts of the HP Technical Support Phone Number have brought some troubleshooting steps via this article after following which every single inch of your problem will be resolved quite easily when you will reach the end of this article.

Some Methods are to be given below while HP Printer Not Working:


  • So, the first method which you can try is to restart your HP Printer and along with that, you should also try to restart your PC and the wireless router.


  • The next method is to check whether your printer is connected to the wireless network or not. This can be done by printing the report of the Wireless Network Test from the control panel of your printer.


  • Next, you should check whether your PC is connected to the network or not and you can check it by downloading and then running the HP PRINT AND SCAN DOCTOR.


  • The next method to fix the HP Not Working problem is to power recycle your printer along with your PC and your router.


  • Moreover, it is also important to check whether the software such as drivers for your printer are installed on your PC or not.


  • Next, you can also try removing all the connections from your printer to other devices and then after a minute, plugging all the connections back again.


  • Along with that, you should check whether your printer is not placed too close to your wireless router. This is because sometimes, the throughput time of the printer is increased by doing this and hence the efficiency is reduced resulting in various issues.


  • Sometimes, changing the cartridge along with the ink also fixes this problem to a great extent. So, you can try doing that also as it was our last recommended method of this procedure.

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