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iTunes down or not working?

Apple is a brand name that has established itself in the past few years. Iphone , Ipad,Ipod and all other apple products are selling like hot cakes . These products have an amazing ease of access and user friendly GUI . Apple products have exclusive software for all its products and the system is very secure. Itunes is a software developed for all apple products which is required to play music , add songs , make playlists etc.

First of all you need to have the latest version of  itunes installed on your system.Add the music file you want to transfer to itunes by dragging and dropping the file or choosing the file from add option. this will convert you file into a format that is compatible with your iphone.

iTunes down or not working?

There can be numerous reason due to which your iTune may be down or not working

Internet connection: It is most important aspect. You have to make sure that you have a active internet connection. You can run the network diagnostics or switch off and on the wifi router once. Even after that if the problem is not resolved contact your ISP.

If you are using the SIM card based internet , don’t forget to switch on the data.also many a times the data limit set by the user stops the internet automatically on reaching the limit you have set.

Update you system: downloading regular updates is very important , Not only for the operating system but also for the applications installed on your device.

Date and time settings : A user has to be sure that the date and time set on the device is correct as per the region. If the date and time is wrong it may result into Itunes not working

Server issues : The server maintained by apple has issues many a times resulting inot itunes down. The itunes store get offline due to this. You have to check the system status page ito see if there is any issue with the server.

Configurations problem : The apple device has to be configured with the network for active internet connection and then with the itunes to enjoy seamless service. Also check if  if you’ve turned on third-party security software or Windows Firewall. If yes there is possibility that the settings is not allowing you to connect to itunes

Apple mail customer support

  • You can ask help from the customer support if your itunes down or not working .
  • Go to apple official site and Click on support , you will see a welcome to apple support page , you can enter your problem and proceed ahead.
  • You can also choose contact support. Click on apple phone number around the world and choose your country ,you will find the apple mail customer support phone number

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