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McAfee Antivirus Not Working,What To Do?

How to get over or solve the McAfee Antivirus issues?

McAfee Antivirus helps detect the infectious files in your PC and eliminates the danger of harming your system. McAfee is easy to setup and update. Scan the system and get the infected files out of the system. Is your antivirus not working well? Facing regular troubles in the system? If the antivirus is not updated for a long period, then it is advisable to update the antivirus system.

There are various ways to fix your antivirus or make it work more efficient. Firstly update the DAT files and also make sure that you have the latest product patch or hotfix. Install the latest security patches and verify the scan settings for the product. One of the other best alternatives is to contact McAfee customer support phone number at toll free number 1-888-828-8139 for latest assistance of the antivirus program.


Make sure that the latest DAT and Engine files are downloaded from the Security Update website. Here are the steps –

  • Download a DAT Engine, XDAT or Stringer if the automatic update fails.
  • Click the ‘DAT’ tab to download the latest files.
  • To download the latest Engine, click on the ‘Engine’ tab.
  • To identify and check the current release version, look at the ‘Version’ column.


Make sure that you are using latest product patch or hotfix. To determine which is installed follow the steps –

  • In the system tray, right-click on the product icon and select ‘About’.
  • Now open the product console and select ‘help’ and then ‘About’.
  • To determine if a patch is installed or not some products require a console command. Also, refer to the relevant product info.
  • Then download and install the latest product patch, To remove a virus, combination of product patch, DAT, and Engine is required.


Still McAfee antivirus not working? Contact the technical experts over McAfee technical support phone number at toll free number 1-888-828-8139. Support team will provide instant steps to resolve the technical issues related to the McAfee antivirus.


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