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BT Mail – I can’t log in to mail

I am not able to login into Bt mail as i forget my username and password.How can i solve this issue, so my email is working again. Can anyone helps me to provide best solution.

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1 Answer

Not able to login to the BT user account. How to resolve the issue?

BT mail account is the secured email service with the latest email management features. BT mail users customize the account settings and total protection from spam emails is provided to the account. User can create separate folders to save different email categories and also the emails can be accessed using various devices other than PC.

There are instances when the BT user faces problem with the user account. The most common trouble is not able to login to the BT account. There can be various reasons behind the problem. Are you entering the account login credentials, mainly the password correctly? In case you are entering a wrong password, there is no way on can login to the account. It might also be the scenario that BT mail is blocked due to security reasons and in this scenario user will unable to login to the mail account.

One of the best solutions to these problems is simple BT account password reset. A password reset will enable the opportunity to set new password for the user account and this article will provide the necessary steps. If anyhow the prescribed steps doesn’t work then it is advisable to contact the technical support team over BT email technical support phone number.

Here are the steps to reset BT mail account password –
Open a browser and access the BT home page or user login page.
Click on ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ and visit the ‘Reset your password’ page.
Enter the email address of on the next page and click on the ‘Next’ button.
Now user needs to verify the account. For that answer the security questions which are set during the account creation.
In case user doesn’t have access to security answers then confirm the password reset request. Enter the alternate email address.
Check the alternate email where the temporary password will be send. Use the temporary password to login to the user account.
Then create a new password for the account on the account settings page.

In case of any trouble in the BT account login, dial BT email customer support phone number. Support professionals handles the email troubles expertly and provides instant solutions.


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