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Firefox can’t load websites but other browsers can,What to do?

I have installed browsers Mozilla Firefox,Google,Opera.But my websites are not to be loaded on Opera Mini as it is very efficient for android.So please provide me best solution for that.

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1 Answer

Mozilla Firefox not able to load webpages. How to fix the problem?

Mozilla Firefox loads webpages instantly but when there is any issue with the browser there will always be problem in webpage access. Firefox provides easy browser configuration settings to manage the account and enable safer downloads. Firefox also provides protection from internet malware and spams.

There can be various reasons behind the problem of browser not opening webpages. Simply restart the device used for accessing Firefox and often issues get resolved with a simple restart. This article will provide some best solutions to fix the Firefox issue and for advanced assistance user can also contact Mozilla Firefox customer support.

If the user is connected to the internet through a proxy server that facing certain problem then there will always be problem to load pages. Check the Firefox proxy settings as follows –

==> Open the Firefox menu and choose ‘Options’.
==> Select ‘Advanced’ panel and in that choose ‘Network’ tab.
==> Click ‘Settings’ in the Connection section.
==> Now change the proxy settings. Select ‘No Proxy’ in the user doesn’t connect to the internet through proxy server.
==>Close the window and the preference page. Changes will be automatically saved in the settings.

Here are some of the other troubleshooting steps to fix the problem –

1. Firefox connection problem might be caused due to IPv6. Make sure to disable IPv6 in Firefox browser.
2. In the user is using DNS Prefetching to speed up the browser loading speed, then disable the option which might be the reason behind the problem.
3. Clear the browser cookies & cache and also remove the malware if any to solve the problem.
4. For expert assistance to browser problems contact technical experts over Mozilla Firefox technical service phone number.


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