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How do I connect my HP printer to WIFI?

I am having issue to connect my hp printer to my wifi. I don’t understand how do i connect it

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1 Answer

How do I connect my HP Printer to WiFi?

First, make sure your printer is getting a power supply and then turned it on.
Use the touch screen of the wireless printer to connect it to the wireless network.
From the touchscreen, go to setup menu.
Then select Network from the setup menu.
Then from Network menu select Wireless Setup Wizard option. It will start searching for the wireless routers in the range.
Now from the search list, select your Network (SSID)
Now for security reasons, enter your desired password for the network to make it secure and press Done.
Now, press OK to confirm these settings.
Finally, press OK to print a wireless report to check it.
Now both wireless and wired computers on the same network will be able to browse the printer and print to it.
If any problem occurs after all these settings then you can contact our HP Printer Customer Support team to troubleshoot the issue.


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