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How netgear router setup without computer is possible ?

I want to share a short knowledge of netgear router setup without computer is possible by few steps. So if you are looking for setup your netgear router without any computer then read answer .

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1 Answer

Have you ever thought of configuring your Netgear router without using your computer? Well, it is an easy job to do so. As we all know that technology is running at faster pace so everyone uses a smartphone more than a computer. In the current scenarios, One can easily go for a Netgear router setup without computer and here is the process through which he can do so:-

=> First you are required to connect the router to your wall outlet and then you need to wait for sometime to let it start

=> Now you can use your phone and go on turning on your wi-fi for connecting to you device to the wireless network of the router.

=> After that you are required to give a security password in the specific field

=> Once you are connected, you can open the web browser of your Android device and type the IP address in the bar and click on Enter

=> Now you will be asked to sign into the web page

=> Next Enter your username as well as password in the specific fields

=> Once you are completed with the setup procedure, then you can easily access the Netgear network on your phone

From the above procedure, just everyone can go for setting up his Netgear router without using his PC. However still there are many users who do not know the proper way to fix this issue. But now they are not supposed to be bothered anymore as they can easily configure their router by using their phone once they commune with the certified technical experts. These experts will tell them the best way out to fix these problems. Hence if you really like to go for Netgear router setup without your personal computer, then call the Netgear router technicians straightaway.


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