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How to fix Yahoo Mail problems on iPhone device ?

Yahoo mail used by lots of user but first time they have issue and search How to fix yahoo mail problems on iPhone device. So get solution here so that you can fix it.

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1 Answer

Not only the computer users but also the iPhone users are tensed due to the some glitches of Yahoo mail. However the users who experience Yahoo mail problems on iPhone device can easily fix them with the help of the best strategies. There can be a number of issues you can experience in yahoo mail which needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

If you are the one who is experiencing network connection failure accessing Yahoo mail issues, then the following procedure will be a great help to you;-

==> First you have to open the app named IOS mail & tap on the option settings

==> now tap on your Yahoo account

==> After that you need to tap the delete account

==> Now you need to tap on the delete button for confirming the settings of IOS mail app

Once you have removed your account then you need to re-add your Yahoo account from the following procedure:-

==> First of all Tap on Settings option

==> Now tap on the Add account option and click Yahoo

==> After that type your name, complete email id and password with full email id in the description field

==> Now tap on Next and then save your settings

There are also some users who are facing Yahoo mail account login issues and can’t figure the right way to fix them. The questions why can’t access yahoo account on iPhone has a simple solution. You can restart your device and you will see your issue fixed immediately. The guidelines are as follows:-

==> First of all press & then hold the button Sleep/Wake till a red slider is appeared

==> Now drag this slider to switch off your device

==> Once your device is off, then you need to press the sleep/wake button once again till an Apple logo appears

With the help of the above steps, you can remove this issue within a few minutes.

Suppose you are facing Yahoo mail not working issues? So what will you do then? Well, just take help from the following directives if you are facing page loading issues in chrome browser:-

==> First click on Customise chrome and then choose History

==> Now click on the option clear browsing data

==> Next choose the beginning of time option

==> After that choose Cached images and files

==> Now click on clear browsing data

==> After that you need to restart your Chrome browser


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