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How to reset or update Belkin Router wirless driver?

If anyone want to reset Belkin router then they can follow upper process or want to update Belkin router wireless driver so that his or her network will run good then read following process. :-

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1 Answer

How to reset Belkin router?

==> First with the use of a paper clip , users need to press continue to hold the reset button
==> It is now need to hold the reset button at least 30-45 seconds after inserting the power cord, then release it
==> Individuals should now try to reconfigure the setting and WiFi setting

How to update Belkin Router wireless driver?

==> First users are required to go to “Device Manager” with a right click over “My Computer”
==> Users are now required to go in “Properties”
==> Individuals are now required to click over “Device Manager”
==> There is now need to right click and update the network or the WiFi driver.
==> In case update are not working,users are required to Uninstall and reinstall the driver
==> It is now need to try for cleaning the computer along with the router firmware.
==> Users should now run or clean the computer with the help of Avg Cloudcare Antivirus
==> It is now time to run the full scan


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