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Toshiba laptop wont boot up , can only see black screen and cursor?

I used my laptop but its not booting properly and only show black screen and cursor. I am not able to understand what is the problem,can anyone tell me the best solution to resolve it.

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1 Answer

Follow this process to solve Toshiba laptops not booting up and is showing black screen and cursor !!
Toshiba laptops are one of the oldest brands of laptops that are famous for its working. But there are many times when the Toshiba laptops doesn’t boot and the users just see the black screen and the cursor on the display. This issue occurs rarely and disables the users in utilizing their laptops for their work.
Therefore, to solve this issue the users just need to carry out the troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below here in this article. By following this process correctly the users will be able to solve their issues instantly and can get back to their works on their Toshiba laptops.

To get more information about this issue contact Toshiba Tech Support Phone Number and communicate with the technicians.

So, the steps to solve this Toshiba laptops issues are :

==> First of all the users are required to switch off their laptops.
==> Then they should also power off all the sources of power connection.
==> Now the users need to hold and press the power button of their laptops for about 10 minutes and then should leave it.
==> Plug in the laptop and put the battery in it, and after that power on the laptop to check whether it is booting normally or not.
==> If the laptop is not booting normally then the users need to go to the BIOS and should check the hard drive of the laptop.
==> If the users see that their BIOS is not displayed in the hard drive then they should load the default BIOS and after that should restart their laptops.
Hence, these are some of the ways by which the users can solve this issue. For more details the users may simply call on the Toshiba Customer Service Phone Number and can talk with the concerned representatives at any time.


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