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What To Do When Adobe Flash Player Not Working In Chrome ?

If anyone have problem “Adobe flash player not working” in chrome then they can apple following method to fix it.

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1 Answer

Flash is basically an application that has been designed through Adobe which is used to display the movies,games including other important contents.There are number of websites that are using Flash plug-ins for the videos and movies but it has phased out through HTML5. Google chrome is the reliable and safest browser with higher score but still there are some issue of running Flash through the Chrome browser.

This problem would be fixed easily through solving the below related bugs:

Adobe Flash Player not working Chrome?

=> First users are required to type about:plugins in the address bar provided through Chrome

=> After users need to click “Enter” to view that what plug-ins have been installed and are running

=> Users are required to update the current version of Flash Player

For the updation following steps need to be followed:

=> It is first required to click “Start”

=> Individuals are now required to click “Search”

=> Users may now type “Flash Player”

=> The application could be opened now

=> It is time to click over the “Advanced” tab

=> Individuals may now change the update settings to “Allow Adobe to install updates”

How to stop the plugin conflict?

=> First users need to search for Flash in the list of plug-ins
=> It is now required to look that if there is two files in the parenthesis beside it
=> If there is something like that means that there are two files with two different installation of Flash, one will for the desktop and another for the chrome installation
=> Users are now required to click the option for +Sign that would be next to the “Details”
=> It is now time to use the Location tags to identify that where each installation is located
=> System installation would have something that would be started with C:\Windows whereas for the Chrome installation the link would be C:\Users
=> Users should now required to delete the latter
=> Individuals now “Restart” chrome and Videos will run more smoother now

What need to do if issues persist still?

=> First users need to activate the Chrome plugin and should turn off the operating system plug-in
=> If the issue would not fix,users need to deactivate each of the extensions and should start “Chrome”
=> Users may now open the incognito window with all extensions disabled
=> Incognito would start with the extensions disabled
=> Individuals should now go to the Flash based page and see if there is any problem
=> If there wouldn’t be any problem means one of the extension is creating problem
=> Now users may open the extensions one by one
=> For opening the list of extensions,users are required to hover over “Tools”
=> Further users are required to click “Extensions”


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